AS "Antichi Solai" White Condiment

AS White Condiment from White Grapes

White is a fine sweet and sour condiment of white grapes whose origins date back to the Modenese tradition. It is obtained from the concentrated must of white grapes, mainly Malvasia, Spergola and Trebbiano, skilfully mixed with the finest mature white wine vinegar. White is an amber-colored, limpid and transparent condiment. The taste is bittersweet, with a pleasant accentuation of the agro tone. The volatile acidity is pronounced, the palate perceives a pleasant aggressiveness. White has a strong aroma that is accompanied by a good acidity.

The light and transparent color make it prefer to preserve the original color of the dish while giving a special and bittersweet note to the whole. It is natural accompaniment to salads and fresh vegetables. It is excellent on seafood, fish and white meats.

Color: clear and transparent, the ancient tone of golden amber.

Smell: the bouquet is clean, intense and persistent, with hints of fruity grapes, pleasantly sour.

Taste: the taste is sweet, lively but very balanced. Of great persistence in the mouth, the sensation of volatile acidity is pronounced while retaining a pleasant hint of sweetness.

Density: about 1.21

Aging: briefly in fine white oak barrels

Ingredients: concentrated musts of white grapes, wine vinegar, finely refined in fine white oak barrels. High-quality artisan product, 100% natural, contains no dyes, no thickeners, preservatives or caramels.


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