About us

Our company Fondo Montebello was founded in 1991 by Massimo Bellodi, whose family has been handing down the traditional recipe of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena for many generations.

Fondo Montebello consistently wins the trust and appreciation of tough markets as Europe and the USA thanks to the effort and resources we put in making a top quality Balsamic Vinegar.

We strive to be regarded not only as a manufacturer of a niche product, but as a company capable of providing a wider selection of items, ranging from Balsamic Vinegar to salad dressings, vinegar mustards and natural glazes with different and captivating flavours.

In order to meet the requirements of our clients we are now able to provide also top quality handcrafted complementary products as pasta, extra virgin olive oil and Chianti Classico, Prosecco Doc, alongside with vinegar, all of which are still branded Fondo Montebello.


The Nineties - How it all began. Among the members of Bellodi family the love for balsamic vinegar is undying. At the end of 1991 Mr. Massimo Bellodi eventually decides to take it to a new level and start a small vinegar cellar inside a farmer house. Hung on a wall inside this house, he found a small and rusty metal plate with a name carved onto it. Believing it was a good omen, Mr. Bellodi took it as the name of his new business. That name was Fondo Montebello. Thanks to the fine taste of Bellodi’s vinegars, the word spread fast. Within a short time the small cellar became a well-known business in the area. At the beginning, Mr. Bellodi used to sell limited quantities to single consumers or small local businesses, but he quickly expanded his commercial network to bigger restaurants. That was, until one day a customer from Germany placed an order worth more than 5 million liras (the Italian currency used before Euro). We are proud of having retained this historical first customer until now and still serving him.

Our steps

Following the initial success, the company started growing at a fast pace and eventually moved into a bigger facility, able to accommodate advanced bottling equipment. All throughout this resizing phase, the traditional recipe of our Balsamic Vinegar was kept genuine and unaltered.

The turning point

The turning point for Fondo Montebello is the come of a new shareholder in 2013. The new CEO, Mr. Francesco Piccolo, shares the same mindset as Massimo Bellodi - to bet on innovation. Mr. Piccolo brings fresh ideas and a new vision to our team. He holds in great value the knowledge and expertise of those who grew up with Fondo Montebello. He designs new products for our most loyal customers by listening to their needs. He also invests resources in strengthening the brand and in turn the positioning of our vinegar in an increasingly tough market.

Our vision

Our vision is to provide a range of different products aimed to satisfy the most demanding of the clients at an affordable price, without impacting quality. For this reason, we have never stopped striving for quality. Even the products we just resell are carefully selected after strict evaluation of certified suppliers. Our target is to popularize our Balsamic Vinegar as a top-notch niche product, created from unique ingredients as cooked must and wine vinegar, with no colorings, flavors or other additives whatsoever

Although we chose to automate some of our production processes, we want to highlight that the intense taste of our Balsamic Vinegar comes from top quality base ingredients - all of which are purchased locally - and from the refining process, which naturally takes place in wooden casks.

Our mission

Fondo Montebello has slowly established its brand in the european and U.S.A. markets. We let our clients choose us. Instead of betting on quantity, we invest on quality. This allows us to compete with the large variety of balsamic vinegars commonly available on the market. Starting from 2013, one of our goals is to increase our visibility by attending the most important fairs and events around the world, in order to make us known to new clients and enter the most attractive of the emerging markets.

We slowly stepped into international markets leaving tasty footsteps by each one of our clients.

Our numbers

Our wholesale distribution currently reaches 22 countries in EU, USA, Canada and Japan, while our retail segment is dedicated to bring Fondo Montebello products to specialized shops, hotels and restaurants.

For years, private customers have been purchasing Balsamic Vinegar from the e-commerce platform hosted on our website www.fondomontebello. com, which we have made available to all those who wish to purchase retail products directly from our online store

Our website is also frequently updated with news, event feeds, new products and new packagings.


All our vinegars are IGP-certified Balsamic Vinegars of Modena. Our purpose in becoming IGPcertified is to protect our customers, improving the transparency of the process and traceability of the ingredients, thereby guaranteeing the safety, consistency and quality of all our products. We are also IFS and BRC certified. Halal and Kosher certification is ongoing.

Our keen eye for quality enables us to be more competitive and enter new markets all around the world.