Penne with Zucchini and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP


  • 250 g of Penne rigate or Sedanini
  • 300 g of Zucchini
  • a sprig of Basil
  • a sprig of mint
  • 100 g feta cheese
  • Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP.Fm02/ bello
  • 4 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper


Wash the zucchini, cut into thick washers and divide them into two halves. In a large frying pan, preferably nonstick, pour 2 tablespoons of oil, add the zucchini and fry on the high flame for a few minutes; then sprinkle with vinegar, cover the pan and leave cooking for 10 minutes.

Stir the zucchini and check that they are soft, but not dissolved.
Add salt when cooked and perfume with 2 tablespoons of minced Basil and Mint.
While cooking zucchini, boil a pot of salted water, cook the pasta “al dente”.

Move the pasta in a large bowl, dress with the remaining oil and a spray of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP, add the zucchini and stir gently.

Serve with the cheese flakes, some mint leaf and a pinch of pepper.

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