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CURIOSITY: Prosecco Doc extra dry has a residual sugar content higher than brut, which
makes it even more pleasant and enticing. Acts as an aperitif when paired with San
Daniele’s Prosciutto
Production Area: hills of Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto, in the province of Treviso.
Grape Variety: 100% Glera
Vineyards: capuccina and double guyot training system, 3.500 plants per hectare, yield
110 ql/H
Harvest Period: II/III week of September.
Vinification: crushing, destemming and gentle pressing, white fermentation for 10 day in
stainless steel tanksthermo-controlled (16-18°C), aging in stainless steel vats waiting for the
sparkling process
Sparkling Process: second fermentation in pressurized tanks for about 25 days at
controlled temperature (14-16°C) until reaching 6 bar of pressure; the mass is then
cooled to -4°C to halt the fermentation and kept at a controlled temperature
of 8-10°C for at least one months, to favour the natural contact with the
yeast deposited at the bottom of the autoclave; followed by racking,
refrigeration and filtration before the isobaric bottling
Alcohol Content: 11% by vol
Aging Potential: to be drunk immediately to enjoy the
Colour: pale straw-yellow colour with greenish hints
Nose: intense, slightly aromatic and creamy with
aromas of peach, acacia blossoms and honey
Palate: fresh, soft, lingering, supported by a well
balanced acidity, with notes of white peach and
apple, combines elegant and pleasant keeping
Food pairing: excellent as an aperitif as well as
with dessert like fresh fruits and pastries
Serving temperature: ideal at 7-9°C
Box: 6 bottles 750 ml
Pallets: 80 boxes

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