Wine and Sparkling Wine

"Gli elementi chiave del successo dell’azienda sono rappresentati dalla gamma di vini Italiani d’eccellenza" Vineyards Toscana: Tuscany is the Italian region where the winemaking tradition has kept the best of his continuity. Situated between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the northern Apennines, it has a typical continental climate which allows our vineyards to better express its own character. Sangiovese is the most important native grape variety, used to produce some of the greatest wines expression of this land. Our vineyards are rooted on rocky hills between 400 and 600 meters above sea level and are exposed mainly to the south. We treat them with the utmost attention and their cultivation is done through high-density installations (6000-8000 plants per hectare), to ensure low yields and high quality grapes. Each vineyard has a distinct personality, which gives the grape unique features. So we decided to give a name to each of them. Vineyards Friuli Venezia Giulia: The vineyards are located in the Friuli Grave DOC and Prosecco DOC area in the municipalities of Porcia, Pasiano and Azzano Decimo. We invest significant resources in the vineyards, which make us the promoters in the modern viticulture, targeted on low yield of grapes per hectare, thanks to modern vine training system (Guyot and cordon-spur), the high density planting and low bud density per each vine stump. In addition, rationalizing phytosanitary management, restricting nitrogenous fertilizers and studying the best environmental conditions for vine cultivation are the main factors that have contributed in producing top quality grapes for each variety that our company grows. It is not only the canon of modern viticulture for the quality but also focused viticulture through the deep knowledge of each vine. During the entire annual cycle of the vine, qualified agronomists continuously check the vineyards in order to plan eco-compatible operations to achieve healthy and quality grapes. The special attention is given to native varieties: Friulano, Refosco and Glera.