Castello di Maranello Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP

Before being the city it is today, Maranello was a medieval fiefdom gathered around the Castle. The ancient village in fact remained under the control of the Calcagnini family from 1464 until the unification of Italy. The historic Castle of Maranello was built around the 12th century, commissioned by the Arardini or Araldini family, who not only ruled Maranello around the year one thousand and in the rest of the late Middle Ages, but it is very likely that they were the proponents of the name “ Maranello “.

CM 02 - Density 1.34

Dedicated to the founder of the company that created the recipe of Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP “DENSO”. Dense and brilliant color, dark brown it possesses a remarkable density. The aromas and flavors of plum jam and red fruits intertwine with hints of honey and vanilla in a considerably dense and sweet product. During the ageing process each wood leaves to this Balsamic Vinegar a particular feature. Juniper leaves resinous essences; Oak gives a typical vanilla perfume. The result is a complex equilibrium between sour and sweet, which has always distinguished this Balsamic Vinegar.

CM 03 - Organic - Density 1.34

The CM 03 organic product is made with organic grape must and organic wine vinegar, from organic farming. Dense, characterized by good acidity, pleasant aromas of red fruit and important spicy and sweet notes. During the ageing process each wood leaves to Balsamic Vinegar a particular feature. Oak gives a typical vanilla perfume. Ideal used in raw on salads and mixed salads, meats. Also excellent on fruit and desserts.

CM 04 - ITALY - Density 1.31

Of deep color, bright, dark brown has a high density. With a strong and sweet and sour taste, with notes of plum, black cherries and sweet spices. During the ageing process each wood leaves to Balsamic Vinegar a particular feature. Chestnut, rich in tannins, contributes to the dark color, oak gives a typical vanilla perfume, Cherry sweetens the taste. It is recommended for cooking meats, boiled or grilled, legumes and fresh dressing for various savory dishes.


Variety: Cerasuola 100%

Production area: Partinico

Altitude: 200-500 meters above sea level South-facing olive groves

Method of collection: Hand picking.

Harvest period: October – November

Extraction method: Continuous cold cycle, pressing within 24 hours of collection.

Appearance: Oil of great density with an intense green color.

AROMA: Intense fruity with hints of green tomato and Almond Aroma Pasty with bitter sensation and persistent spiciness.

Taste: Spicy.


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